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Current Schedule of Groups

We have many new teams in 2007 and the schedule is constantly being updated. Please contact Moises Sifren, hospital administrator, for a current schedule. His email address is: Thanks!

Date  Start From
 12/29/06 Allendale Baptist Church in Rhode Island
 01/06/07 Uni. Bapt. Church Saco Maine
 01/13/07 Village Presb. Church, KC
 01/20/07 Bapt. Churches, Maine
 01/27/07 Bapt. Churches, Maine and Iowa
Date  Start From
 02/03/07 Christ's Amerian Bat Church, PA
 02/03/07 Villabe Presb. Church, KC
02/11/06 Score Internacioanl
02/14/07 Cross Road
 02/17/07 First Bap. Church Abington, MA
 02/24/07 First Bap. Church Abington, MA
Date  Start From
 03/03/07 Central Mass
03/03/07 Gwynedd-Mercy College
03/04/07 Dr. Roger Fagan, ME
 03/10/07 Connecticut 
 03/11/07 UMass
 03/17/07 Vill. P. & Gra. Co. P. Church, KC
03/18/07 Moses Brown School, RI
 03/24/07 Vill. P. & Gra. Co. P. Church, KC
 03/25/07 Mission Hills United Church of Christ
Date  Start From
 03/31/07 UMass
 03/31/07 KU 
 03/24/07 Church, Freeport, Maine
 04/07/07 South Gorham Baptist Church from Maine
 04/14/07 La Crescenta Presbyterian Church, CA
 04/21/07 New England Team
Date  Start From
05/08/07 University of CT
05/26/07 Harcum College from PA
Date  Start From
 06/02/07 UMass Dartmouth
06/11/07 grupo de catarata
06/11/07 University of Chicago Medical School
06/14/07 First Baptist Church Mattoon/Peoria, IL  
 06/23/07 Moorestown, NJ
 06/22/07 Fairmount Presbyterian Church, OH
Date  Start From
 06/29/07 Wallingford Connecticut CT
 07/07/07 Wallingford Connecticut CT
07/07/06 Bethel Baptist Church in Columbia, Missouri 
 07/14/07 First Congregational Church of East Hampton, CT 
07/18/07 Azusa Pacific University, CA
07/24/07 St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church, Mass
Date  Start From
08/25/07 Bapt. Church, Mass
Date  Start From
09/28/07 FREE
09/15/07 FREE
09/22/07 First Bap. Church, Georgia
Date  Start From
10/27/07 NorthPoint Community Church.
Date  Start From
11/03/07 Vill. P. & Gra. Co. P. Church,  KC
11/17/07 First Baptist Lisbon, ND